Benefits of Modern Pocket Doors

Benefits of Modern Pocket Doors

Whether you are designing or developing residential or commercial buildings, there are substantial benefits to using pocket doors. Here are some of the most popular examples.

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Stylish Appearance: Contemporary designs use sleek and clean lines, in order to eliminate clutter. Doors protruding into living or working space break through those lines and ruin the effect. The Renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Modern pocket doors an embodiment of that exact philosophy.

Space Saving: Pocket doors slide into a compartment in the wall, opposed to swinging into your living space. Especially if modern pocket doors are used throughout an entire project. In addition to saving actual space, when pocket doors are used between rooms, opening them creates the illusion of having more square footage.

Functionality: Use double doors to turn two offices into one large work-space. In a home, they can elegantly separate a dining room from a kitchen. Creating the option for privacy in the kitchen while guests enjoy the dining ambiance.

Convenience: Lugging boxes of office supplies into storage? Carrying clean clothes from the laundry room? No need for uncomfortable twisting, turning, or pulling with your hands full. Get where you need to go with an effortless slide.

Handicap Accessibility: If wheelchair access is needed, you can simply open the pocket doors. Providing easy access and quick maneuverability.

Silent Pocket Door Framing: You may remember pocket doors from the past. Loud or squeaky rollers were a downside, especially if doors didn’t fit well within the tracks. Quality materials and construction techniques have solved that very problem.

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