Why Resilmount Sound Isolation is Superior

Why Resilmount Sound Isolation is Superior

Studco Building Systems, offers a vast selection of patented sound proofing products for both walls and ceilings. All Products feature engineered thermoplastic rubber with a patented sound cell design.

Noise has two ways it can travel through a building. Airborne and structure-borne. To reduce how much noise reaches our ears, the noise source or the path that the noise travels needs to be properly isolated.

Ceiling soundproofing system

Resilmount sound isolation products by Studco Building Systems offer a high quality solution in which to reduce or eliminate noise emanation in:

Ceilings & floors

Common walls

Household entertainment zones

Family living areas

Acoustic ceiling and wall configurations constructed using Resilmount products help to stop unwanted noise travelling between rooms or floors. For example, A wall and ceiling configuration using A237R Resilient Mounts offers STC-50 to 65. Meaning that even loud speech is entirely inaudible.

Resilmount Products have been independently tested at laboratories such as the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories in the United States of America, and RMIT in Australia to achieve optimum isolation in all acoustic applications. Additionally, Resilmount ceiling and wall isolation mounts do not reduce the load capacity of the system in which they are installed.

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