Curv Trak Curved Framing Solution

Curv Trak Curved Framing Solution

Cur Trak is the answer in radiused curved metal track for the drywall framing industry. Allowing for unique and cost effective design and structural solutions for any project.

In an age when eco-friendly materials are so important, the many benefits of cold-formed steel (CFS) are often overlooked. CFS is uniformly manufactured for optimal quality and consistency. That means less scrap metal to remove, and ultimately less waste. CFS is light in weight, so it can be quickly and economically shipped to the job site. At the end of its life span, CFS is still 100 percent recyclable, and it emits no emits no volatile organic compounds, making it an exceptionally sustainable building material.

The Curv-Trak design consultancy team can offer innovative solutions to your needs on site, from curved steel stud and track to assembling whole soffit frames. With the expertise and ability to curve sections from 1-5/8″ 25 ga to 12″ 12 ga track, stud, and angle, our team has the solutions for the most complex curved surfaces.

Make Curv-Trak a partner on your next project. View the Curv Trak product page or contact us for inquiries.

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