EzyCap Wall Ends

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Flush finish wall ends and cased openings are a clean and fast using EzyCap ®. Manufactured from cold rolled steel providing a strong and secure wall end cap that is both durable and fast to install. Hard to reach wall ends are made possible, capping of internal balustrades, window openings and internal partition wall ends are all made easy using the strong and versatile EzyCap ® .

As the strong and versatile alternative for stop ends, EzyCap™ is an economical way to cap wall ends and prevent damage from wear  and tear in high traffic areas over time, keeping masterpiece designs intact for years to come.

Product Advantages

  • EzyCap is available in a range of sizes to suit various wall configurations
  • Eliminate cracking on wall ends using the EzyCap slip fit fixing method
  • Custom lengths available
  • Reduce compound usage for each stop end using EzyCap
  • Pre-finished surface standard, no extra preparation required for painting
  • Hard to reach wall ends made possible with EzyCap
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit various wall configurations

Additional information

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