Ox Pro Tuff Blade 25-Foot Tape Measure


The Ox Pro Tuff Blade Tape Measure is designed to stand up to the rigors of jobsite, for multiple trades

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The newly designed OX TUFF BLADE has .02mm of nylon coating offering rigidity, durability, and safety. The width of the blade is 1 ¼” and offers a 13’ stand out and 15’ reach. The nylon coating also helps stop unwanted debris from entering the case while preventing the blade from splitting/breaking. The hook of the blade has two rare earth magnets. The dense ABS case is shrouded in rubber over-mold to resist shocks, while keeping the user comfortable after all day use. 

  • Nylon coating on tape measure blade adds rigidity producing a 13’ stand out and 15’ reach. 
  • Strong ABS Plastic Housing keeps internals protected and stands up to the rigors of the jobsite. 
  • .02mm Nylon coating protects the blade from dust and debris while preventing corrosion or breaking. 
  • Dual Magnet wide hook latches onto metals for easy solo measuring. 
  • Case surrounded by rubber over-mold for shock resistance and comfort. 

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