RCFC-11218 1-1/2″ 25 Gauge Furring Channel – 10′ Lengths

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1-1/2″ 25 Gauge Furring Channel – 10′ Lengths
The 1-1/2″ 25 Gauge Furring Channel is a hat shaped framing component used to “furr’ out ceilings & walls. Then, after mounting the sound isolation clips, the furring channel is simply clipped in (works best with Resilmount sound isolation clips). Additionally, furring channels come with a wide knurled face for ease of fixing drywall.
Part number FC-11218-10
  • 25 Gauge (18 Mils)
  • 10′ Lengths
  • 1-1/2″ Depth
  • Can be used in both wall & ceiling applications

Additional information

Weight3.0 lbs


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