SC32-5/97 Slide Clip 2×3.5×5 12GA 25 Pak W/Screws


Simpson Strong-Tie products provide high-strength fastening and anchoring solutions for your construction project. Found a better price from a competitor? Contact us, we’ll beat it!

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Ideal for high-seismic areas, Simpson Strong-Tie® SC connectors are the optimal solution for slide-clip bypass framing. SC clips are often welded to the structure in high-seismic zones, but they also feature anchorage holes so that concrete screws or powder-actuated fasteners can be used to attach the clip to the structure. In addition to anchorage versatility, the SC clips include “No-Equal” stamps at the center of the slots to ensure proper shouldered screw placement. SC connectors are manufactured using heavy-duty 10- and 12-gauge steel to provide exceptional resistance to in-plane seismic load.

  • Material: 50 ksi
  • Finish: Galvanized (G90)
  • 25 count per box

Key Features: 

  • The clips come in lengths of 3 1/2″, 6″ and 8″ for use with 3 5/8″, 6″ and 8″ studs, respectively
  • The maximum standoff distance is 1″ for 3 5/8″ studs and 1 1/2″ for 6″and 8″ studs
  • Provides a full 3/4″ of both upward and downward deflection
  • Embossments in the bend line provide increased strength and stiffness in the F1 and F2 load directions, but are positioned towards the center of the clip so that 1 1/2″-long welds can be applied at the top and bottom of the clip
  • Prepunched large-diameter anchor holes accommodate 1/4″-diameter concrete screws like the Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD®
  • Prepunched small-diameter anchor holes accommodate powder-actuated fasteners like the 0.157″-diameter Simpson Strong-Tie PDPAT or the #12 self-drilling Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® XL Large-Head Metal screw
  • Precision-manufactured shouldered screws, provided with SC connectors, are designed to prevent overdriving and to ensure the clip functions properly


  • Use the specified type and number of anchors.
  • Use the specified number of XLSH78B1414 #14 shouldered screws (included). Install the screws in the slots adjacent to the “No-Equal” stamps.
  • Use one shouldered screw per slot (maximum).

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